Michiel Schuermans

Michiel Schuermans

About me

Michiel Schuermans

My name is MICHIEL SCHUERMANS, founder of  UNLIMIT.

I’m a young enthusiastic entrepreneur from Belgium who’s passionate about IT, technology, webdesign, sports, health, management and coaching. I’m both an IT’er and a Personal (health) Trainer. Health is very important both in your personal life and in your business. One cannot succeed without the other.

Currently I am mainly active as an IT Consultant, specialized in webhosting, domain names and mail solutions, particularly Office365. On the other hand I’m a personal trainer at EFFEKT ZOLDER.

During the past few years I’ve been active in various fields and started my business around them. I’m always eager to learn new things and turning ideas into reality. My dream is to inspire people and motivate them. Check out here where I get my own motivation.

In 2017, I founded UNLIMIT as a combination of various activities & companies.

How may I help you?

UNLIMIT can provide various services for you or your company.

UNLIMIT.be - IT services

Basic Webdesign

I create basic, but awesome websites for an affordable price to get your company on the internet.

UNLIMIT.be - Personal Training

Personal Training

I'm a personal trainer at EFFEKT in Zolder: a team of experts specialized in health a rehabilitation.

UNLIMIT.be - Webdesign

IT Services

I am specialized in domain names, e-mail issues, e-mail migrations, Office365, Gmail, and much more.

Work With Me

Do you have idea’s? Questions? Want to go for a coffee?
I’m always happy to get to know new people, talk about ideas or opportunities.

Drop me a message anytime!